Transforming America’s Healthcare System

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Tim Barry , Co-Founder and CEO

Company: VillageMD ,


VillageMD aims to be an additional support tool for physicians who want to provide their patients with even better care, whether it’s disease education, psychological counseling or upgraded living conditions. Benefits include provider-led integrated care teams, patient-centric support, proactive care and post-hospitalization services. The company’s DocOS is a proprietary system for bolstering primary care.

VillageMD is a prominent healthcare provider for businesses who are transitioning to a primary care-led, high-value clinical paradigm. Physicians can use the VillageMD solution to obtain the tools, technology, operations, and personnel support they require to deliver high-quality clinical results across a community. VillageMD collaborates with physician groups, independent practice associations, and health systems to enhance quality, provide excellent patient experience, and reduce costs in the areas they serve.

Tim Barry is the co-founder and CEO of VillageMD, an organization that provides technology, manpower, and other resources to help primary care physicians provide improved patient care. The firm has also established its own primary care clinics, announcing over the summer that Walgreens will invest over a billion dollars over the next five years to build hundreds of VillageMD clinics next to its pharmacies.  Many of our Village Medical at Walgreens clinics are conveniently placed next to Walgreens pharmacies, ensuring that patients have more equitable access to healthcare. We have also expanded access to primary care in the home and virtual visits through our proprietary telehealth technology.

We have established ourselves as a significant provider of value-based primary care services at clinics across the United States through our subsidiary, Village Medical.

VillageMD has grown to over 2,500 physicians across eight markets, accounting for about 500,000 lives and $3 billion in total medical spend in value-based contracts.

Tim evangelizes the idea of a primary care-led healthcare delivery system that improves clinical outcomes in the communities where VillageMD works.  Prior to joining VillageMD, Tim held a number of top executive positions in the healthcare industry, all of which focused on empowering healthcare providers to deliver market value through accountable care and population management.

Tim has spent his career in a number of roles, including directing an IPA, a $3 billion Medicare Advantage plan, and a Population Health company, designing and providing solutions to enable providers give a higher level of care and support to their patients. At VillageMD, we believe that to dedicate resources where they have historically made the most difference is the best solution. Rather than allocating 90 percent of resources to reducing the impact of chronic illnesses, we’re investing in primary care to prevent them from happening in the first place and to reduce overall costs. Through the 1.6 million patients we currently serve, our staffs are healing healthcare itself. We’re expanding our network across the country to satisfy the growing demand for healthcare that prioritizes trust.