Pioneering the World’s Most Patient-Centered Digital Clinic

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Daniel Perez, Co-Founder and CEO

Company: Hinge Health,


Hinge Health is pioneering the world's most patient-centered digital hospital, starting with musculoskeletal health. Hinge Health's back and joint pain care pathways combine wearable sensor-guided exercise therapy with behavioral change through 1-on-1 health coaching and education.

Hinge Health is pioneering the most patient-centered Digital Musculoskeletal (MSK) Clinic in the world. We integrate advanced wearable technology with a comprehensive clinical care team featuring doctors of physical therapy, physicians, board-certified health coaches, and more to reduce MSK pain, opioid use, and procedures. Hinge Health is the #1 Digital MSK Clinic for health plans and personnel, including Boeing, Salesforce, and US Foods, which is accessible by millions of members. With offices across San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and other cities, Hinge Health has raised $436 million to date. With a digital musculoskeletal (MSK) solution, Hinge Health is the preferred partner for 4 out of 5 companies. As the only end-to-end Digital MSK Clinic™ to deliver the industry’s most extensive clinical care model, Hinge Health provides access to physical therapy doctors, physicians, health coaches, and technology such as wearable sensors to direct exercise therapies. Hinge Health’s Digital MSK Clinic™ pioneered specialized care programs for every population’s requirements, from prevention to post-surgery, establishing the benchmark for digital MSK care. Boeing, US Foods, and Salesforce are among the 300 health plan, employer, and public sector customers that Hinge Health partners with. Dan has a long history of MSK injuries, including multiple leg surgeries, and has a strong desire to improve the outcomes for musculoskeletal disorders. Dan founded the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable and OneStart, a large healthcare accelerator programme. Dan brings his startup technology experience as well as his healthcare expertise as CEO to Hinge Health. Hinge Health is the first business to combine wearable-sensor guided exercise therapy with 1-on-1 health coaching and patient education, making it easier to deliver expert-recommended care to millions of patients. For organizations and health plans, it is the most prevalent musculoskeletal solution.
Hinge Health is supported by Bessemer Venture Partners, Insight Partners, Atomico, Lead Edge Capital, 11.2 Capital, Quadrille Capital, and Heuristic Capital. On February 4, 2020, the firm raised $90 million in a Series C financing. Hinge Health now has a total funding of $126.1 million. “We founded Hinge Health in 2014 because we recognized that the state of MSK care was fantastically fractured. Patients have a terrible experience where they are trying to receive treatment for back or joint pain, and can’t get the results they’re looking for. So many Americans were suffer from MSK pain, often turning to costly surgeries that ultimately do more harm than good. Clinical studies show that two-thirds of back and joint surgeries are avoidable with consistent exercise therapy and lifestyle changes. Additionally, opioids are often over-prescribed for MSK pain, but we know these are not a long term solution. We wanted to offer a better option to patients,” said Daniel Perez, co-founder and CEO of Hinge Health. By integrating a comprehensive clinical care team with the industry’s most advanced technology portfolio, Hinge Health continues to set new benchmarks in personalized MSK care:
  • For exercise treatment and motion assessments, computer vision and motion sensors are used.
  • Hinge Health Enso is a game-changing wearable technology that provides instant non-invasive, non-addictive pain treatment.
  • By incorporating health data with 750,000+ providers, HingeConnect is bridging the gap between in-person and digital MSK care and enabling real-time interventions.
“This is an exciting time to be a Hinge Health customer. We just closed a $300M investment round, giving us 10x more capital than any other digital MSK solution. We’re going to seize this unique opportunity to continue defining the category we created via heavy investments into R&D, data science, and clinical rigor,” said Daniel Perez.