Combining Technology And The Human Touch to Improve Healthcare For Employers and Their People

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Ali Diab, Chief Executive Officer

Company: CollectiveHealth,


Collective Health’s integrated, cloud-based platform benefits self-insured employers and their workers by merging HR needs such as claims adjudication, administration and financial operations with member support and integrated analytics. Advantages include waste control waste, more effective cash flow management and more accurate financial reporting.

Collective Health provides the first and best integrated solution that enables self-funded employers to manage plans, reduce costs, and care for their employees all in a centralized location. Investing in various vendors for each aspect of your healthcare strategy is cumbersome for your team, perplexing for your staffs, and detrimental to your bottom line. That is why businesses prefer Collective Health. To get greater value out of your total healthcare investment, we replace a disjointed experience with one integrated system.   According to Ali Diab, CEO at Collective Health, the organization believes that your health benefits and insurance plan should be as enjoyable as your favorite software or consumer products. Traditional business health insurance plans are complicated and inconvenient to use. Collective Health was created on the premise that better health insurance is possible. We have revolutionized the way health benefit plans function, driven by our commitment to make comprehending, navigating, and paying for care as simple as possible. We are redefining the healthcare experience for forward-thinking employers and their employees across the United States, with approximately 300,000 members and over 60 corporate customers (and counting).   While medical technology advances at a breakneck pace, the systems that govern healthcare coverage remain stuck in the past. Our current situation is perplexing. It’s excruciating. We all deserve to be treated in a much better way. Collective Health was built on the notion that things can be better. Our objective is to make understanding, navigating, and paying for care as simple as possible. The way health benefits function has evolved.
In the United States, more than 151 million individuals rely on their employers for healthcare coverage. That’s why we provide a connected healthcare experience for employers worldwide who want the best for their employees. We make this happen by using technology to develop a more intelligent solution and compassion to understand that every person matters. We have significant ideas on how make your healthcare experience better. We commenced by building a complete health benefits solution for leading U.S. companies. The more we understand, the more convinced we are that the experience of paying for healthcare requirements must be far superior to what it is now. Because employers pay for most private health insurance, we believe the potential to solve private healthcare must begin with forward-thinking businesses and their employees.   We are not just developing another health app or gadget; we are building a comprehensive solution to take the place of the health insurance offered by your employer. To that end, we are fortunate to have a competent, multi-faceted team assisting us in tackling this complex subject from all perspectives – design, engineering, finance, law, medicine, product management, and operations. We are committed to delivering a customer experience that values each person we serve with the same sincerity and dedication that we would expect for ourselves.   Nobody should have to battle for their healthcare. We believe that accessing healthcare and paying for it should be straightforward, transparent, and rewarding. That’s what we are working towards at Collective Health.