May 28, 2023

How Pandemic Changed CEOs Leadership

  • By John M.,
How Pandemic Changed CEOs Leadership

Due to the pandemic situation hospital and health system CEOs have faced unusual or unprecedented challenges regarding the deadly and unpredictable coronavirus. They were tasked with ensuring the fulfillment of the organization having basic supplies and equipment to keep the frontline workers and patients safe.

There is more of a need than ever for communication with team members amid the ever-changing state and federal guidelines.

CEOs told that amid these challenges certain leadership skills are becoming more important than ever.

So, the three leaders shared their thoughts in 11 shifts in the way that they approach their roles, which are:

  1. Jonathan Lewin, MD, CEO of Atlanta based Emory Healthcare;
  2. Steppe Mette, MD, CEO of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center in Little Rock; and
  3. Marna Borgstrom, CEO of Yale-New Haven Hospital and Yale-New Haven Health

Empowering Colleagues

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for CEOs to focus more on several aspects of servant leadership, empowering team members, and creating streamlined decision processes, was told by Dr. Lewin who gave his five years of contribution in Emory Healthcare (11 Hospital integrated academic healthcare system) as CEO.

Representing Hope

Dr. Lewin also told that he has seen the importance of substituting uncertainty with hope and confidence has become increasingly important in these times. CEOs have to balance optimism with reality and current situation or circumstances of the global pandemic.

Recognizing Workers

There is also the importance of recognizing team members should also grow as a thought of Dr. Lewin.

Boldness with project expectations

The CEOs should also adapt to various operational changes, including the acceleration of the telemedicine services. The telemedicine has become an important service due to the pandemic situation.

Collaborating with peer organizations and state leaders

The clinical and operational leads can be increased multiple times by just collaborating with peer organizations. The organizations are also taking these steps to find new solutions or creating new methods for the healthcare system.

Being present and visible to workers

CEOs always work on communication at a much greater level with the workers at their organizations and this also includes their presence to being visible to them.

Being open to new ideas

Dr. Mette said that the COVID-19 global pandemic has led to the realization that there should not be too much weight only on the status quo whereas there should also be a window for new ideas when previous organizational strategies are challenged.

Engaging with the public

The engagement with the public has increased in the pandemic. There can be a better result expectation if the engagement of the public on which strategy to choose and why.

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