Mar 28, 2023

7 Key Features to Look For in a Hospital Management Software

  • By John M.,

In today’s modernized world, healthcare technology is evolving at a faster pace. It is transforming the healthcare segment for all the right reasons, from improved patient care to the lowest wait times. The hospital management system is an outcome of one such technology widely used by healthcare facilities in rural and urban sectors. This system comes with several features, some of which are highlighted below.

1. Appointment Scheduling

With the appointment scheduling feature, patients can book appointments from anywhere, and at any time. This feature lets the doctors and patients be on the same page.

2. Consultation Management

It is one of the critical functions of a hospital management software solution. Patients can quickly block a doctor’s date with the consultation management feature. This feature guides the patients with a list of doctors and their specialization based on the symptoms. 

3. Patient Registration

Patients can quickly seek important information about their past medical history as well as the available time slots of the most preferred physician. Once known, they can book a particular timeslot for easy appointments. Besides, doctors can access the patient’s information like their name, age, blood group, etc. for further reference.

4. Patient Boarding

This feature is used by the healthcare professionals to manage the patient boarding details such as admission date, room, surgeon, diet preference, consultants, etc. So, when a new patient is on board, they can be assigned a unique admission number, and the transfer of bed can be made simpler. The patients can also check through the allotments by themselves and book their bed based on the budget.

5. Patient Portal

The patient platform lets the physicians gain quick access to the patient’s reports, pending check-ups, and appointment details. Moreover, they can also share and access the feedback with their fellow mates through this portal.

6. Patient Record Management

Patient record management offers faster access to data and high-quality data management options to improvise the health care delivery system. This feature also manages the lab tests and medical reports for future reference. Here, the records are saved securely and can be accessed using passcodes allotted to the patient and hospital staff.

7. Patient Billing

This feature takes care of all the daily services, like operations, delivery, room rent, consulting, etc. It also helps you prepare MIS reports and lets a patient share the billing claim to the insurance provider.  And in case of payment overdue, it sends automated notifications for the same.


Alongside technological evolution, healthcare providers must keep themselves updated with the latest features and tools to deliver a better experience to the patients. A good Hospital Management Software helps them in this area by letting them build a connected experience with the outside world by addressing a wide range of issues about the hospitals and clinics.

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